20 Fun Activities and Resources for Learning Idioms 

 January 11, 2018

By  r_blash@yahoo.com

Words are wonderful ways to whittle your way into someone’s wacky world.


Let’s talk idioms. Let’s learn idioms.

An idiom is a creative phrase that takes a little study to understand its meaning. The word idiom comes from the Greek and means one of a kind.  The meaning of the phrase is special and usually cannot be taken literally.

Can you imagine trying to carry an umbrella fit for the cats and dogs storm?  After all, if it’s raining cats and dogs you will need a special umbrella, won’t you?

Idioms are creative ways of communicating ideas to other people.

As you become familiar with idioms you enrich your understanding of the English language.

Books to use to Learn Idioms

Books for Learning Idioms

These books are full of idioms that your reader will enjoy reading and learn about Click To Tweet.  Settle down and enjoy the wonderful sounds of these idioms.  You will also hear the wonderful sounds of your young readers laughing as they think about the words and how don’t really make sense.

Charts to Learn Idioms

Anchor chart for idioms Anchor Charts Used for Teaching Idioms

Anchor charts are excellent tools for use in the classroom or at home. These charts have pictures that have the idioms as well as illustrations that are hilarious. You will be laughing about the funny way things would look if we took those idioms literally.   After you compose yourselves teachers will be able to give students the meanings of these idioms.



Funny Idioms

Funny Idioms Great Food Idioms

You will find wonderful resources that you can use to focus on funny idioms as well as food idioms. Studying these idioms will further expand comprehension and reading ability Click To Tweet.  Children will be hungry to learn even more idioms after they have checked these out.





Activities to Learn Idioms

Engaging Student Foldables High and Dry Idiom

Foldables are a great way to get students engaged in processes and the meaning of words and phrases. Click To Tweet This is a great tool for creating an experience with interesting idioms that will stay with children.  Foldables can be used to review material that has been used and since children will enjoy the process, it will be an easy way to teach them many different idioms.

Amelia Bedelia is a wonderful character that misunderstands phrases which are idioms Click To Tweet.  Readers will enjoy reading and doing activities created for additional Amelia Bedelia books. Have a wonderful time with these activities and books.


Learn about beautiful idioms

Many idioms are funny as we have seen but there are some idioms that are beautiful and poetic.  This pin has beautiful idioms that some of your young students may want to use in their writing.  Encourage them to experiment with new expressions from these beautiful idioms. Idioms, whether they be funny or beautiful can add color and creativity to a piece of writing.  Writers have to think outside the box in order to use idioms effectively.  This makes the writing come alive and draw the reader in.

10 Beautiful Idioms

Charlotte Mason was a strong advocate of using living literature which is literature with rich, complex vocabulary.  Children that read living literature have to engage and think about the literature because of the complexity of the text.  This causes the reader to fully engage with the text in order to understand what is written. Readers have to struggle with the words to a degree that causes deep thought and mental growth.  The reader also gets to know the writer on a deeper level which also causes a deeper awareness of the text.





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