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Online tutoring provides many advantages when compared to traditional face to face tutoring Click To Tweet.  It can be an integral part of your child’s education experience.  Whether you homeschool or have your child in a traditional school setting, online tutoring can be a great way to support your child academically.

In the current digital age, more tutors are tutoring online which is convenient and effective.  The online tutor has at his or her disposal, many online tools that enhance the learning experience.

Many parents feel frustrated and helpless as they watch their children struggle with a particular academic subject. They feel ill-equipped to help their child understand a math concept or make gains in reading or writing.

If you are in that position, I want to encourage you to reach out to a tutor that is able to give you the support you and your child need.  Many tutors are using online platforms to deliver their services which makes life more convenient for everyone.

Read on to find out about some wonderful online tutors.

Online Tutoring May Be the Answer to your Frustration

Sammy struggled at school.  His classes were torture. The situation had gotten so bad that Sammy began feeling ill when he had to go to class.  Going to school was no longer fun. Sammy felt alone and frustrated.  Beth, his mother, felt frustrated and concerned about Sammy’s future.  It was time to get help.

This is a situation that many parents face.  Children struggle in school and need extra support to make the grade. If you are in that situation, let me introduce you to a few incredible online tutors.  These tutors have the skills to provide support for our child.

Suzanne Davis tutors ESL students in writing.  She can be found at

Suzanne Davis

Suzanne Davis

You can also meet her on her Youtube Channel.

Here is how she approaches the writing process ESL students.

One of her favorite tutoring strategies is to use mind maps.  She has taken her passion for ESL writing along with mind maps and has made a significant impact on ESL students.   Mind Maps help students brainstorm ideas for essays and new vocabulary.

How Suzanne Uses Mind Maps With Online Tutoring

Suzanne instructs students to write the main idea or topic in a circle in the center of the map.  Students think about that topic, and when they come up with an idea related to it they draw a line and write down that idea in one of the outer circles.  Then students can repeat that process with other ideas.   Usually, a mind map looks like a web.

Mind Map

Mind Map

Suzanne found Mind Maps easy to do online with the tool called Mindmup2.

Students enjoy using the tool since they are able to change the colors and the shapes on the map.  Another benefit is MindMup 2 can be saved to Google Drive.

Suzanne noted that this pre-writing activity is great for students who have difficulty writing in English.  It’s also great for students who are visual learners. Clearly, this tool is not limited to ESL students.  Students struggling with writing and reading can benefit as well.

Additionally, Mind Maps have other uses.

Mind Maps for Vocabulary

Mind Maps can be used when studying vocabulary as well. Click To Tweet

Students put the vocabulary word in the middle of the map.  Suzanne directs the students to fill the other circles with definitions of the word in the middle. Students need to put the definitions in their own words which allows them to think deeply about the word. They can use examples of the vocabulary word as well as synonyms, and antonyms.   It’s a great way for students to fully grasp the meaning of the word.

Suzanne found that students quickly engage with mind maps which is an important key to learning.

Clearly, Suzanne is a great example of how an online tutor uses tools to make the subject matter understandable.  Students easily engage with mind maps.  The subject matter is broken down into manageable pieces and learning takes place.

Elaine Linguard

Elaine Linguard of Emerald Education Center

Connecting with Students

Elaine Lingard is another talented seasoned online tutor with 24 years of experience.  She found that making connections with students is critical to her success as an online tutor.  She lets her students know that she relates to their frustrations as she was once in their shoes. They understand that success is possible when she shares her story with them.

Elaine takes her skills and couples them with a critical key in the tutoring scenario.  The students need to feel that they will be supported and there will be someone there that understands the pain that comes with struggling academically.  Elaine does just that. Students and parents come to know that they will be challenged but by a person that believes in them.

She runs her own tutoring center in Ireland and offers both face-to-face and online tuition in Maths, Spelling, Reading, and Writing.

Contact Elaine at with questions about her services.

Here she is on Youtube.  You and your child will immediately notice her warmth as well expertise in Math and English.  She is quick to let students know they don’t need to panic if they are confused.  Elaine gives the support students need to understand difficult concepts. I love her enthusiasm and passion for children.

Gathering of Online Tutoring Eagles

These online tutors are part of a growing body of online tutors I have come to know through

Joanne Kaminski

Joanne Kaminski

Joanne Kaminski, who is also an online reading tutor and reading specialist.  She has gathered dedicated and talented online tutors that are ready to support you and your child in several academic areas.  Joanne is passionate about helping your child become a strong independent reader and can quickly bridge reading gaps in a short amount of time.

She is passionate about helping students reach their full potential in reading. Her experience and skills enable her to accurately diagnose the needs of the struggling reader.  This knowledge allows her to put together the correct plan for the student that is struggling with reading.

Joanne has taken years of classroom experience and resources and brought them to the online world. She shares her story of her own struggles as a young reader.  Helping other children grow and love reading is uppermost in her mind. Learn more about her as she shares how she got started with online tutoring on Youtube.  Be sure to meet her there.

Reading Comprehension

As I mentioned, I am also a member of this wonderful community of online tutors. Click To Tweet  Our desire as online tutors and educators is to see your child become a successful and confident student.

Rosemerry Blash-Reading Comprehension Interventionist

Rosemerry Blash-Reading Comprehension Interventionist

My particular focus is on reading comprehension.  Reading comprehension is a central part of reading and learning.  I am passionate about your student gaining a deep understanding of what he or she reads.  I can equip your child with the skills necessary to glean information from the text that your child reads. With my help, students think critically about the material they read.

Visit me on Youtube get an idea of how I can help your student.  Online tutors can equip your child to handle challenging academic subjects. Get to know these online tutors and learn how online tutoring can be beneficial to you and your family.

What is your child’s greatest academic need?  What have you tried?  Do you think an online tutor would be of use to you?   Leave a comment or a question in the comment section.  Contact one of us today and see if we might be of help to you.


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