Reading and Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension and basic reading skills are critical to the success of every child. I have created a series of videos that you can use to strengthen your child's reading skills. My skills as a reading interventionist and reading teacher are well established. I would be honored to help you with your needs. Click the button and get your updates and free videos today.

Three Critical Keys to Reading

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Strong reading skills are critical to your child's success in every area of life. They also need to have a love for reading. Partner with me (Daystar Arising Academy and Blash Tutoring Services) as I reach out to children and families with materials that will help strengthen those skills. Click the donate button and help me help children in need. Daystar Arising Academy is an outreach of Releasing Heaven Ministries which is a 501c3 organization and your gifts are tax-deductible. Your gifts go towards creating academic materials for students and families as well as supplementing tutoring sessions for students in need. Thank you for helping me teach our young people the joy of reading.

Blash Tutoring Services is my tutoring business designed to give online tutoring services to families that are in need of this service.

Reading and Reading Comprehension opens up multiple worlds for your children. These posts will give you insight and information to help you and your children become fluent readers.

Charlotte Mason lets us know that true education is self-education. The child that reads and understands what is read is the child that is empowered. They are true to themselves. This child can feed on the ideas and interests that make up his or her personality.  Each child is unique.  They have specific interests and gifts that benefit the family and the larger society. They are valuable!

Children and young adults benefit from meeting a variety of authors.  They benefit from getting to know that author without the interference and influence of another person.  This is the beginning of true self-education.  Read the posts in this blog to discover some of the practical ways we as adults can facilitate the atmosphere of learning for our children.


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