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Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension and basic reading skills are critical to the success of every child. I have created a series of videos that you can use to strengthen your child's reading skills. My skills as a reading interventionist and reading teacher are well established. I would be honored to help you with your needs. Click the button and get your updates and free videos today.

Three Critical Keys to Reading

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Strong reading skills are critical to your child's success in every area of life. They also need to have a love for reading. Partner with me (Daystar Arising Academy and Blash Tutoring Services) as I reach out to children and families with materials that will help strengthen those skills. Click the donate button and help me help children in need. Daystar Arising Academy is an outreach of Releasing Heaven Ministries which is a 501c3 organization and your gifts are tax-deductible. Your gifts go towards creating academic materials for students and families as well as supplementing tutoring sessions for students in need. Thank you for helping me teach our young people the joy of reading.

Blash Tutoring Services is my tutoring business designed to give online tutoring services to families that are in need of this service.

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My online reading comprehension sessions can bring your struggling reader to a reading champ.

Hello, My name is Rosemerry Blash and I will be your child’s tutor. I have over 20 years of classroom teaching experience along with tutoring experience. Read on to find out more:

K-6 licensed teaching experience.
20 plus years of helping children make a year or more growth in reading.
Skilled in connecting children to their learning style.
I am so excited to help your child grow in their reading skills. Reading is such an important key to having a successful life. It impacts every area. It is also fundamental in developing critical thinking as well as framing our worldview. Your child will receive instruction in

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Reading Comprehension tutoring sessions will cover:

phonemic awareness
comprehension strategies
Reading Assessments-Students will be assessed on reading skills via Zoom.

Emergent readers will be assessed on letter recognition and, sound, and comprehension
Established readers will be assessed on fluency and comprehension
Parental input will also be noted
Parents will be informed of assessment findings via email and Zoom

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Tutoring Sessions

Tutoring sessions are held at least twice a week. This gives the student pleanty of time to practice the skills and concepts taught during the session.
Tutoring sessions are 30 minutes long for older elementary students. Younger students work best in 15-20 minute intervals.
Opportunities to hear what a good reader sounds like as well as practice good reading habits.
Comprehension skills will be exercised as students learn the art of retelling..
Your child’s boot camp will include a personalized approach geared towards your child’s specific area of need.

Who is this a good fit for?


Preschool (minimum 3 years old) up through 6th grade
Kids who are hopeful about reading
Motivated readers
Struggling readers

Do you want to boost your child’s reading comprehension as well as basic reading skills?
Are you tired of seeing your child struggle with reading?
Are you frustrated by your child’s lack of comprehension level?
Are you worried about your child’s future if they don’t master reading and reading comprehension?
Who this is NOT a good fit for?

Junior High & High Schoolers
If there is a diagnosed learning disability, I may still be able to hep, so let’s have a conversation.

Consistent guidance in reading comprehension.
Your child will become a smoother, more fluent reader
Your child’s confidence in letter sound connection will increase.
Excitement and joy in reading.
Strengthening of word attack strategies and comprehension skills through reading and retelling the stories we read.

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Contact me to set up your child’s free reading assessment and receive a three video series. The series contains three keys to reading success that will be delivered to your inbox over the course of several days.


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