Why Parents Choose Online Tutoring 

 June 17, 2020

By  r_blash@yahoo.com

Online Tutoring is a Great Resource

Online tutoring is a great supplement to the issues parents face when thinking about how to educate their children. 

If you are a parent or guardian responsible for the education of a young person, you are well equipped for the task.  This post will give you some ideas on the possibilities available. Online tutoring is one of those resources.

You may be concerned about your child being attached to devices. Caution needs to be exercised in this area.  Too much time on the internet on social media or video games can be crippling for our children.  

The beauty of employing an online tutor is that your child is still connected to a skilled and compassionate human being that wants the best for your child.

Stay Connected

You will know this because you will have spent time interviewing this online tutor. You will review testimonials and reviews.  Hang around during the tutoring session and get a sense of how things are going.  It is a good idea to let the tutor and the student know that you are nearby monitoring interactions and activities.  

Children often put their best foot forward when they know parents are watching.  This can go the other direction also but, you as the parent, are in control.  You set the expectations.

Online Tutoring Can Be Very Convenient

The online world allows us to connect to the internet through wi-fi.  We can give instructions.  Tutors can also give a variety of different rewards and incentives.  As an online tutor, I love that I can also play games to break up the tutoring session. 

Children benefit from short lessons. This helps them maintain stronger focus.  They are then able to switch to another academic area and not overtire in the first area.  In other words, when a child is doing a reading activity, it is good to give them a short activity and then switch to math or art.  This gives that particular area of the brain a break. The child will more likely to want to return to the reading at a later time.

This is one of the key elements in a Charlotte Mason approach.  This sets the child and the parent up for success. This is one of the reasons I like the Charlotte Mason approach.  I take this approach in my tutoring sessions and the students thrive.

These are a few of the great advantages of online tutoring. This also cuts out the need for traveling to meeting locations or to someone’s homes. You don’t have to be tangled up in traffic. and the cost of gas can be eliminated,  Say goodbye to the stress of trying to fit many activities in your life. 

Clean and Healthy 

Students, parents, and tutors can keep clean and tidy.  It is much easier to keep cold and flu germs isolated to one person when you are tutoring online. Even if a child is not feeling totally well, they may be able to sit up for a few minutes and go over a math or reading lesson.  Educational time doesn’t have to be lost due to illness.

What Will the New School Year Look Like?

There is a certain level of comfort knowing that even if one of my students is sneezing away, I don’t have to share those germs.

This is particularly important during this particular season.  We are praying for everyone to be healthy and stay healthy.  With new CDC guidelines, schools may be making dramatic adjustments you may need to find a way to keep your child’s educational progress moving forward.  Employing an online tutor may just be the answer to your problems.

Take a Deep Dive with an Online Tutor

The tutoring experience includes diving deep into a particular concept or skill or interest.  Tutors will notice areas of weakness.  The tutor can gather materials and create learning experiences that exercise those skills for as long as needed. 

The tutor also picks up on where children have specific interests that need to be thoroughly explored. Tutors, teachers, and parents can set up scenarios that nurture a child’s ability to explore to their heart’s content.

Reading Strategies 

Online tutoring is a great way to support your child academically as well as save time and money. Parents that utilize online tutors are smart.  They avoid having the hassle of the evening hustle and bustle. If the tutor is coming to your house, you have to make sure there is a tidy place for work to take place.

Supporting your child academically is the ultimate goal.  Online tutoring is a brilliant way to provide reading strategies to struggling readers.  Check out this post on reading strategies that will help your child gain confidence in reading.

Unique and Individualized learning experience.

This enables targeted and focused instruction.  The tutor will determine which specific reading strategies will work for the struggling reader. The assessments will provide the tutor information needed to customize instruction.

In my opinion, strong phonics instruction is the best way to help students learn how to read.  Students that understand how letters and sounds work together are equipped with a tool they can carry with them wherever they go. 

When a child comes upon a word they do not know, they have tools which allow them to figure the words out.  

Some children may need a modification of this approach.  Tutors can help determine what works best for children sense the interaction is one on one or small group.

Online Tutors Carefully Monitor Student Progress.  

Tutors teach specific concepts and monitor to determine progress made.  They also develop an authentic connection with their students and they make learning fun. This is important in keeping the student engaged during tutoring sessions.

Tutors often provide reinforcement activities that are fun and engaging while also practicing concepts learned. A good tutor will take the time to talk to parents and give them strategies to use when the tutor is not there.  Tutors often bring other areas of expertise to the table.  Your child may need to brush up on their handwriting.  Tutors can carve out time to give your student that extra practice.

Cursive Handwriting

Cursive handwriting is one of those skills that is almost a lost art.  Many parents are wise to invest in a tutor that can help their child learn how to write in cursive.  This is a skill that will carry your child very far. I, personally, love to teach children how to write in cursive.  They are able to read original documents and they are able to express themselves quickly with this skill.

 Greater retention and personal growth.

Students feel a great sense of accomplishment when they have learned something new.  This improves their self-esteem as well as encourages them to try new tasks.

Students remember more material when they have a tutor.  When I tutor students, I let them know they are expected to pay close attention because they will have an opportunity to tell me what they have learned from what they have read. 

They may not do well at first but as they continue this practice, they get better at remembering and retelling. .Online tutors are able to modify lessons and discern what may or may not be absorbed by the student.

Deeper and More Independent Thinking.

Online tutors engage the student in conversations that encourages deep thinking.  This is a key reading strategy for all readers.  When the student is able to retell the story or some of the information, we know that learning has occurred.

Tutors are able to hear whether or not a student is confident in their level of knowledge. When a student is able to explain a math problem with clarity and ease, the tutor knows they have a firm grasp of the material. Similarly, with reading, students that retell a story with a great deal of detail show they have absorbed the story. They are also able to share opinions about what was read.

Students Need to Struggle a Little

Students have to apply some real thought to their answers.  It may appear they are struggling and in fact, they are but that struggle is good.  This is the stretch.  Growth happens at this point. Reading Comprehension and numeracy take root and the student is impacted in a positive way.  This is the goal!

If you have considered getting help for your child, be sure to consider an online tutor.  This can make a huge difference in your student’s attitudes about school.  Get them the help they need.

Contact me if you are in need of online tutoring services.  We can talk about reading comprehension issues, phonics, and math.  Get your free assessment scheduled.

What are your plans for your child’s academic success this year? Think about hiring an online tutor.  This is one of your best investments. 

If you need tutoring in other areas, I can recommend other excellent online tutors.  I look forward to talking with you soon.

Contact me today!



Hello and Welcome.  I am an Online Reading Comprehension Specialist ready to help you and your children with your reading needs.

Rosemerry Blash

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